Artificial Implications for Schools: The Good, the Bad, and the ChatGPT Opportunities

Join us as we lead a discussion of your peers to discuss new AI tools and how they can affect your school.

March 30, 2023 4pm ET | 1pm PT

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Please note: while we love our students and their parents, this webinar is intended for school employees only.


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How many times have you come across an article, forum thread or social post about new AI content tools, like ChatGPT, over the past few months? We’re all wondering how to leverage this new phenomenon in our lives — especially in our schools. Just like any new technology, there are uncapped opportunities, but there are also implications to consider.

On Thursday, March 30th, the Veracross team will be joined by your peers to discuss these new AI tools in length as they pertain to school usage: the good, the bad, and the opportunities to consider.


Featured Panelists

Vinnie Vrotny
Director of Technology
The Kinkaid School (Houston, Texas)

Mary-Lou O'Brien
Director of Digital Innovation
Redlands School (Sydney, Australia)

Tye Campbell
Director of Strategic Information and Innovation
Gilman School (Baltimore, Maryland)

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